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The roof of your home or building is not just a simple shelter. It is an essential part of your property that shields you from the weather, improves your appearance, and adds value. That’s why you need a roof that is both attractive and sturdy, a roof that can withstand the test of time.

But a quality roof also needs a quality roofing contractor, one that can tackle any roofing challenge with expertise and professionalism. Whether you need roofing installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, you need a contractor that you can have confidence and depend on.

If you are searching for such a contractor in Lewisville, Texas, or nearby areas, look no further than USA Roofing. We are specialists in roofing, and we are dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for our customers. Contact us today and let us take care of your roofing needs.

Services in Lewisville

Our company ensures to offer a broad range of roofing materials and designs for our customers, as a new roof can influence the value of your property for years after installation. When choosing your new roof, feel free to ask our contractors for guidance on which kind of roofing material will best fit your home and add the most value.

We also provide dependable roof repairs, roof replacements and roof installations. When you need a residential or commercial roofing system that won’t fail you, don’t hesitate to call the experts at USA Roofing! Our roofers deliver reliable roofing in all of our service areas.


We have been repairing and installing roofs in DFW since 1979. During these more than 40 years, we have constructed and repaired thousands of roofs like yours, so we are more than prepared to repair your roof ensuring the best result.

Yes, we offer a two-year installation warranty. This warranty covers the problems arising from the installation.

USA Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing construction and repair company. USA Roofing was founded by Bruce Hollingsworth (current President-CEO) in Texas in 1979. Bruce is a licensed contractor in over a dozen states. A proud born texan, he started his career in Ft. Worth, TX in the late 70’s. Few and far between are locally owned companies in this industry. When questioning about a company and its credibility, Bruce represents every aspect of the credentials a property owner should seek from a contractor. Bruce is highly recommended throughout the DFW, Houston, and Austin area with a valued forty thousand satisfied customers. 

Yes, of course. USA Roofing has been accredited with an A+ BBB rating for 29 years.

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