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About USA Roofing & Construction

About USA Roofing & Construction

Bruce Hollingsworth, president of USA Roofing, Inc. and wife, Charlene has been in the roofing and construction business for over 36 years. Bruce is a licensed contractor in over a dozen states. A proud born Texan, he started his career in Ft. Worth, TX in the late 70’s. Few and far between are locally owned companies in this industry. When questioning about a company and its credibility, Bruce represents every aspect of the credentials a property owner should seek from a contractor. Bruce is highly recommended throughout the DFW, Houston, and Austin area with a valued forty thousand satisfied customers.

Why USA Roofing & Construction is the Best

Why USA Roofing & Construction is the Best

Chris Hill, General Manager for USA Roofing agrees that roofing companies are very busy when the calls start coming in from different areas of the hail damage.
However, Hill states that the reps at USA Roofing are trained to take the time to make sure the homeowner understands the full process from calling the insurance company to the completed product.
There are many types of roofing materials. Different weights and years of warranty are a huge factor in choosing the type of material to put on your home.
Hill refers to a few important factors for the property owners to check.

Our History

USA Roofing & Construction started it's operation in 1994 serving Texas

USA Roofing & Construction started its operation in 1994. The company has serviced over 40,000 satisfied customers. We at USA has understood your home is one of your most valuable assets.

Our History
Completed Projects 500
Hours of work/month 1000
Award Winnings 100
Satisfied Clients 200
Testing Another 500
Another Test 1000
Testing 1500
Testing Testing 2500

For our new clients

Provide the best roofing service for all our residential and commercial customers

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How to Prepare for Construction Job

  • Remove all valuable items from your walls and shelves. The constant hammering and removal of material may cause your items to fall and be damaged.
  • If you intend to use your automobiles please remove from your driveway and garage. We will need access to these areas during construction.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the outside during the construction.
  • Check your water heater and gas heater vents at their connection. They may become loose during the removal of the roof.
  • Notify your HOA you will be roofing your property and ask do they have stipulation concerning the repairs or replacement.
  • Notify your mortgage company because your payment most likely will be made out to you and your mortgage company.
  • Check to make sure your home is brought up to the current building code. Some policy will cover for any upgrades
  • When the material is delivered please verify they have delivered the proper color you order. Suppliers make mistakes, and you are the first to see the material when it is delivered.
  • Your insurance company will usually deduct recoverable depreciation and your deductible from the original valuation.
  • Make all payments to the company. Never make checks out to the sale representative.

Residential Roofing

Various types of roofing for residential

  • 25 year fiberglass shingles
  • Lifetime laminated standard grade
  • Lifetime laminated better grade
  • Lifetime laminated premium grade
  • Lifetime designer better grade
  • Lifetime designer premium grade
  • Lifetime Class IV impact resistant  standard grade
  • Lifetime Class IV impact resistant premium grade
  • Metal roofing
  • Tile roofing
  • Wood Shake and Shingles

All these products vary in price